The Difference Between Auction Sales and Liquidation Sales May 22, 2017

Liquidation Sales

Liquidations and auction sales are used mainly by stores wanting to get rid of excess merchandise and get as much money for them as possible. Knowing the difference between these two kinds of sales can certainly help one make the right decision if a company is confronted with the need to sell property or equipment.

About Liquidations Sales: Liquidation sale is the procedure for marketing the assets of a company in an organized manner over an extended length of time to achieve greater values that are nearer to retail price.
Liquidation sales are just like store closing sales in that a special corporation might come into a store to sell off the rest of the extra inventory in bulk. They are usually lengthier sale processes, in which products are sold over weeks, months, or even several years.

The advantages of auction sales include:

1. Prospective buyer can drive price ranges up.
2. The Internet can attract bidders from around the globe.
3. Auctions often occur when an organization has excess products they want to get rid of.
4. Auction sales are fast from beginning to end. An auction deal involves the setting up of the equipment, the auctioning process, and the cleanup.

All of this may take no more than 90 days.
Competition amongst bidders is what decides an item’s value and sometimes there isn’t enough competition to drive a price up to the desired amount.

The primary benefits of organized liquidations include the following:

• Extended selling time. This allows wholesale suppliers to have plenty of time to find the best buyer for their products, which could often mean that they will sell for higher prices. Though, in most cases, they will settle for less in order to get rid of the product right away.

• The main advantage is the time frame: More time to carry out the sale means that there is more time to find the perfect buyers.

• Discussion between the seller and buyer determines what an item is sold for.

• Works more effectively for more customized or unique products. Often there are minimal buyers for such products; liquidation sales provide sellers with the time to locate buyers.

Liquidation Sales

For this reason, if you are a buyer you should provide the companies in your area with your personal information so that they come to you whenever there is a liquidation sale about to happen.
It is an effective way to sell off resources from a factory once most of the items have been bought. Both kinds of sales work effectively to help restore assets. For buyers, a liquidation sale would be the best bet when it comes to making money since an auction might drive the price way past the amount you are willing to pay. checkout latest news at

Liquidation sales do have a downside, though, in that products must be stored on site until the sale. Liquidation sales are best for buyers since they will be able to grab merchandise for only a fraction of the cost they would get it for at an auction. After most of the items have been sold through the liquidation process, equipment and office supplies/equipment are often sold at an auction.

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Simple Ways to Locate Liquidation Sales

liquidation events

Listed below are a few ways to help you find liquidation sales and events.
Talk to Sales People about Liquidations at Their Business: You may also ask the product sales staff at your local shops if they are having any events sometime in the future.

It is in their best interest to inform you so that they can sell their excess merchandise as fast as possible. Most business will be very helpful about telling you when the next sale is going to be.
If you can find out the dates early, you can schedule visits well ahead of time.

The Classified Section of Your Newspaper: These sales are regularly listed in your local newspapers. This includes the free local newspapers and other smaller publications. Make certain that you do not just look at for massive sale advertisements since usually these sales are mentioned in the classifieds section.

If you are a frugal person, use yesterday’s paper from your neighbors. By doing this, you will not have to spend any out of pocket money to find out what sales are coming to your town. Also, anything that hasn’t yet been bought could give you more to barter with as they owners are even more desperate to offload their old stock.

Make a Note of Locations Where Liquidation Sales Occur Often: Write down your favorite locations that often have sales. You should definitely make a point of visiting their store often or have them call or email you whenever this type of sale is taking place.

The majority of businesses will advertise liquidation deals online to inspire buyers to visit their shops. Typically, liquidation is are promoted with big banners to attract foot traffic and help remind people of the dates a particular event is going to take place. get latest updates straight from the source.

Use the Internet: It is easy to find liquidation sales online as well. All you need to do is search “liquidation sales” in Google or similar search engine to find out about all the companies that are selling liquidated products for a cheap price.

As a result, it is possible to find all kinds of possible businesses to buy from all around the world.

liquidation events

Remember that you do not need to rely on luck to find out about liquidation events that are coming to your area. All it takes is a little observational skills and a bit of communication to snatch up some excellent deals during the next liquidation sale.

Let Everyone Know You Are Looking for Liquidations Inventories: If you would like to find liquidation events in your area, be sure to you tell a lot of people and local businesses that you are interested in buying.
All things considered, the more people and business owners you know means that there is a much higher probability that you will get insider details about the next massive liquidation closeout. You may even get first pick! need more information? checkout

You do not have to be manipulative when it comes to talking with others, either. Simply mention to everyone that you would like know about any liquidation sales that they hear about.
By using this method, the next phone call that you receive could be a brilliant tip about a new liquidation sale in your area. Good luck!

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How to Find Liquidation Sale Items Online at Great Discounts

Liquidation Sale Items

With today’s amazingly advanced technology—in particular the Internet—to obtain pretty much any data you want, there are countless possibilities to investing successfully and making money right at our fingertips. This is particularly true in terms of discovering liquidation product sales at massively reduced costs. Some of these amazing savings on products can include home furniture, jewelry and clothes.

However, many people don’t know that it is not only possible to buy items in bulk or in smaller lots but with cost savings, but it is also very easy… and only a few clicks away! Imagine being able to find great bargains at liquidation prices.

With today’s Internet access to information like never before, there are many great resources at our fingertips that can really help in finding liquidation sale items at low costs. Let’s start by learning a little bit about hunting for great bargains on the web. There are literally thousands of companies out there wanting to get rid of their product overstock and also companies that specialize in just liquidation sales. First off, let’s start by pointing our browsers to Google in a new window and performing some simple searches to locate our bargains. Go ahead and type in the search query “liquidation sale”. This is going to show up a vast number of websites that specialize in offering cost-cutting deals to Internet shoppers. Some of the websites you will encounter only sell in bulk, but others offer smaller lots—still at great prices.

You will find that when sifting through these results that there are so many amazing bargains. Yes, it does take time to sift through the results; however, utilizing these tactics will dramatically cut down on the time it takes to locate your next substantially discounted find. view related post at

Another great way to find wholesale products would be to perform a search for items you are directly interested in. Below is a select few recommended terms to use. Our research “liquidation furniture sale” will produce great results in Google and other search engines. Next, let’s try a few similar terms, such as “liquidation furniture sale”, “liquidation clothing sale”, and “liquidation jewelry sale” (or whatever product it is that you are interested in). Then, all that its left to do is enjoy buying wholesale.

Liquidation Sale Items


Buyer beware, however. A majority of liquidation sale companies have terms and conditions that you must pay attention to. This is because some liquidation sales products you buy will have the chance of being DOA or damaged. You can also locate local companies that sell online and often they will allow you to visit their warehouse to view products before purchasing. This is a great way to protect yourself from any financial loss.

Most companies that offer products in this area are trying to get rid of products as quickly as possible to free up extra cash flow for new products. Many of these companies have large warehouses of extra inventory just waiting to be bought up. Therefore, the ball is in your court in terms of striking a great deal.

So, start searching away for those great deals today and but take your time first before making that all-important first purchase. We always recommend wholesale buying from companies that offer telephone support and have a long standing internet history—otherwise, they may not be legitimate.

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